Winds of Change

The winds of change have been blowing ever so strongly at The Cassidy Group.
It’s been an incredibly busy fall season. The Film Festival was fantastic as was the The Fringe festival.
We were lucky enough to get to see Leaving Wonderland at Neptune,Genevieve Steele and Mary-Colin Chisholm had very moving performances,indeed.
Martha Irving did an amazing job directing this show,genius!
It’s as though the title of the shows indicative of what is to come for Bob and myself.
We are leaving wonderland!
It is time to pass on our talent agent torch to Cherl D’Eon.
Everything in this business is about timing…and it is our time to say farewell .
It’s also time to say a thousand thank you’s to all the friends who have become family.
I know great things will be happening in the future for Nova Scotia, and I know Cherl will be instrumental in helping to create a vibrant film industry!

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