Halifax Film Industry

ff3I have purposely not written my blog post during the past two months until the some of the dust settled from what felt like an attack on the film and television industry. Needless to say…This has been the most tumultuous time for thousands of us in the industry and the battle is not over.

The sun is shining in Halifax today and film industry folks are starting to breathe again!
Including me.

There is hope in the air.However most of us feel as though we have been run over by a bus!
It’s difficult to predict what the future holds for us. We have no choice but to be cautiously optimistic.

There will be work in the future, and we have to build the industry back up again!
It’s a time to re-invent and to re-evaluate. It’s a time to look at things from a different angle.

We all need to move forward with what we have been dealt by the government and to come up with new ways to be creative.

It’s who we are.

We are the creative ones, and as such, we can survive this blight.

We will survive, and our community will be better and stronger for it.

We will make better films and we will become better actors,and better people because of it.

Things will change for the best,and this will never let this happen again!

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