An important update for our members and supporters

To our members and supporters,

Today representatives of Screen Nova Scotia met with top government officials for the fourth time since the provincial budget was tabled on April 9th.

After much dialogue over the past two weeks, government presented a new incentive program designed to keep Nova Scotia’s screen industry competitive. The proposed Nova Scotia Film and Television Production Incentive Fund is modelled after the film incentive program in Alberta. The Nova Scotia government’s new program works as rebate on the total Nova Scotia spend of a production, rather than exclusively on labour, which was the previous model.

It’s important for us to state that this is not a deal or formal agreement. It’s an acknowledgement that government needs to change the way film incentives work. The new proposal on the table is not perfect; and many details still need to be worked out. But the broad contours of the deal should allow the Nova Scotia film industry to remain competitive with other jurisdictions. It is a change that enables our community to get back to work, while discussions on the future continue with government. In particular, discussions regarding an incentive for animation that allows that segment of the industry to remain competitive are ongoing.

Some of you may be concerned regarding a mention of a “cap” on funding per year. It is important to note that the government has publicly stated this is not a “hard cap”, that they have flexibility in the funding they can devote for the industry’s needs, and that they are committed to working with Screen Nova Scotia to ensure funds are there for projects that will shoot in Nova Scotia.

While there is still uncertainty and much left to do, we’d like to take a moment to note what a remarkable accomplishment this is for our whole community. United, we were able to demonstrate to government that film, television and digital media is essential to the future of this province. Speaking with one voice, government listened and they acted. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication.

We would also like to thank the government for a willingness to engage and find a solution that provides a future for our industry, and for our families, here in Nova Scotia.

In going forward, please thank your MLAs for their assistance in encouraging a compromise. But also remind them, and continue to remind them, that with the closure of Film and Creative Industries Nova Scotia, funding for individual projects, as well as important programs such as AFCOOP’s Film5 program, remain in jeopardy. This MUST be fixed as soon as possible. We cannot wait a year for a solution to be found.

The Board of Screen Nova Scotia

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