Winds of Change

The winds of change have been blowing ever so strongly at The Cassidy Group.
It’s been an incredibly busy fall season. The Film Festival was fantastic as was the The Fringe festival.
We were lucky enough to get to see Leaving Wonderland at Neptune,Genevieve Steele and Mary-Colin Chisholm had very moving performances,indeed.
Martha Irving did an amazing job directing this show,genius!
It’s as though the title of the shows indicative of what is to come for Bob and myself.
We are leaving wonderland!
It is time to pass on our talent agent torch to Cherl D’Eon.
Everything in this business is about timing…and it is our time to say farewell .
It’s also time to say a thousand thank you’s to all the friends who have become family.
I know great things will be happening in the future for Nova Scotia, and I know Cherl will be instrumental in helping to create a vibrant film industry!

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We were so fortunate to catch the opening of the FANTASTIC new play by Cathy Jones!! DON’T MISS IT!!!

Written and performed by Cathy Jones
Directed by Ann-Marie Kerr
June 17 & 19-21 – 7:00pm – $20
Neptune Studio Theatre, 1593 Argyle St.
Canadian cultural icon, comedienne and one of the funniest women on television, Cathy Jones returns to the stage with her third one woman show, Stranger To Hard Work. In this new show Cathy shares her unique perspective on a variety of topics from food to money and the troublesome people in her life. It’s a funny, thought provoking look at what she’s learned in life so far. (80 mins)

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Rising Star

Here’s something to smile about….Our rising star!!
Press photo during the shooting of The Healer..We are so proud of Kaitlyn!!!
Camilla Luddington Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Kaitlyn Bernard and Batman the dog..


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Please read the article below for more hope in NS!!!

481524_web_js_n_healermovie_jun3_colOne of the most exciting film to date is about to start filming in NS….by Jerri Southcott

Spanish screenwriter and director Paco Arango was told about Nova Scotia’s tax breaks for filmmakers a year ago, so he immediately booked at trip to the province to scout locations for his newest movie, “The Healer.”

“It was love at first sight,” Enrique Posner, the producer of the film, told LighthouseNOW. “Paco fell in love with Lunenburg’s architecture and beauty the moment he arrived.”

Arango was so inspired by his visit to Lunenburg, according to Posner, that he made Lunenburg the main location for the film, the followup to his debut, “Maktub,” which earned him a Goya nomination in Spain for best new director.

“The Healer” is scheduled to begin filming the week of June 8 in Lunenburg before moving to Aspotogan in the eastern part of Lunenburg County, near St. Margarets Bay. The film will begin production — strategically — this month, just before the film tax credit is replaced by the Nova Scotia film and television production incentive fund on July 1. “The Healer” may be one of the last major productions in the county for a while.

The government has said the new fund will cover up to 25 per cent of costs for eligible projects, but the lack of published information and guidelines has left many unanswered questions about qualifications. And while the changes will not affect this production, Posner says, this amount of uncertainty could lead to future unintended consequences.

“If the uncertainty is not eliminated, productions will stop coming to the province and talented crews will not get the experience they need to keep up with the high quality standards the industry demands,” said Posner.

According to Posner, producers have a limited time available to them when scheduling movies around weather, prime summer months and talent availability.

“Crews need the time to train and learn their craft. If the tax breaks are taken away, the province will lose productions to other places,” explained Posner, adding, “the government needs to understand the value of filmmaking to the local economy.”

“We will drop a lot of money in a short period of time while we’re in Lunenburg — in the restaurants, hotels, and into the pockets of suppliers. All that money stays here. It’s like a big adrenalin injection and the bigger, the better. If you lose productions now, it takes a long time to recover. The government must be smart about it,” stressed Posner.

Mike Volpe of Halifax-based Topsail Entertainment, which produces “Mr. D” and “Trailer Park Boys,” is also a producer on “The Healer.” He said he’s working with a group of TV and film makers to make sure the province doesn’t lose productions to other locations.

“I look at the changes to the film tax credit as a bit of a speed bump that can be worked out. We are working on it together with the government so future productions keep coming to Nova Scotia,” said Volpe.

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Halifax Film Industry

ff3I have purposely not written my blog post during the past two months until the some of the dust settled from what felt like an attack on the film and television industry. Needless to say…This has been the most tumultuous time for thousands of us in the industry and the battle is not over.

The sun is shining in Halifax today and film industry folks are starting to breathe again!
Including me.

There is hope in the air.However most of us feel as though we have been run over by a bus!
It’s difficult to predict what the future holds for us. We have no choice but to be cautiously optimistic.

There will be work in the future, and we have to build the industry back up again!
It’s a time to re-invent and to re-evaluate. It’s a time to look at things from a different angle.

We all need to move forward with what we have been dealt by the government and to come up with new ways to be creative.

It’s who we are.

We are the creative ones, and as such, we can survive this blight.

We will survive, and our community will be better and stronger for it.

We will make better films and we will become better actors,and better people because of it.

Things will change for the best,and this will never let this happen again!

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Screen Nova Scotia Awards

mccScreen Nova Scotia Awards were held over the weekend – Congratulations to Mary-Colin Chisholm for winning outstanding female actor in a leading role! She had you spellbound in the film Cast no Shadows.

We are so proud of you MC, not only are you an uber talented and multi-faceted individual but you are the most thoughtful, kind and considerate person I have ever known. You are an inspiration. How can you fit all of that talent into one person?…We All love you!!

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Please read this clipping from The Chronicle Herald,and make certain you got to see Night Mother!

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An important update for our members and supporters

To our members and supporters,

Today representatives of Screen Nova Scotia met with top government officials for the fourth time since the provincial budget was tabled on April 9th.

After much dialogue over the past two weeks, government presented a new incentive program designed to keep Nova Scotia’s screen industry competitive. The proposed Nova Scotia Film and Television Production Incentive Fund is modelled after the film incentive program in Alberta. The Nova Scotia government’s new program works as rebate on the total Nova Scotia spend of a production, rather than exclusively on labour, which was the previous model.

It’s important for us to state that this is not a deal or formal agreement. It’s an acknowledgement that government needs to change the way film incentives work. The new proposal on the table is not perfect; and many details still need to be worked out. But the broad contours of the deal should allow the Nova Scotia film industry to remain competitive with other jurisdictions. It is a change that enables our community to get back to work, while discussions on the future continue with government. In particular, discussions regarding an incentive for animation that allows that segment of the industry to remain competitive are ongoing.

Some of you may be concerned regarding a mention of a “cap” on funding per year. It is important to note that the government has publicly stated this is not a “hard cap”, that they have flexibility in the funding they can devote for the industry’s needs, and that they are committed to working with Screen Nova Scotia to ensure funds are there for projects that will shoot in Nova Scotia.

While there is still uncertainty and much left to do, we’d like to take a moment to note what a remarkable accomplishment this is for our whole community. United, we were able to demonstrate to government that film, television and digital media is essential to the future of this province. Speaking with one voice, government listened and they acted. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication.

We would also like to thank the government for a willingness to engage and find a solution that provides a future for our industry, and for our families, here in Nova Scotia.

In going forward, please thank your MLAs for their assistance in encouraging a compromise. But also remind them, and continue to remind them, that with the closure of Film and Creative Industries Nova Scotia, funding for individual projects, as well as important programs such as AFCOOP’s Film5 program, remain in jeopardy. This MUST be fixed as soon as possible. We cannot wait a year for a solution to be found.

The Board of Screen Nova Scotia

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Night Mother


Here’s something to look forward to,perhaps it will help us all take our minds off the fact that we are about to have to reinvent ourselves. All 2700 of us Nova Scotians who work in the film and television industry.
More on that when there is some news to share.
In the meantime go see some good theatre!!

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This is a must see performance!!!

This is a must see performance!!! Robin Hebb is captivating as the  Belle of Amherst!!
We were lucky enough to get tickets for opening night and it was sure worth heading out into the freezing rain as she blew us away with her performance.

It was wonderful to be in such a special venue here you felt like you were in Emily Dickensons’ home.

Don’t miss this show, it’s so inspiring. At this time living in Halifax, we sure need to be
reminded of the beauty  in nature and of flowers in spring.
It gives one hope.

Thank you Robin… For being our robin in his spring.


The Belle of Amherst, based on the life of Emily Dickinson, comes to the Local Council of Women’s House, 989 Young Ave., Halifax, Thursday through Sunday.

The one-woman show, starring Robin Hebb as the prolific poet, is produced by the Belle Collective in association with Willpower Theatre and Off the Leash productions.

Hebb received her training from Dalhousie University’s acting program and has appeared onstage with LunaSea, Festival Antigonish and Neptune Theatre.

Dickinson welcomes audiences into her lifelong Amherst home in mid-19th century Massachusetts in this play written by William Luce.

Luce looks at Dickinson’s tumultuous relationship with her father, her passionate devotion to her brother, her bond with her sister and her daily life among the birds, the flowers, the winds and shadows on her father’s lawn, said the release.

Tickets are $20, $15 for students, seniors and artists and are available by emailing thebelleofamherst@gmail.comor by calling 902-492-0444. Evening shows are at 8 p.m., with doors opening at 7:30, and a matinee Saturday at 2 p.m.

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